#slowitdownSunday / when aggravation gets the best of you

Have you ever had one of those days when a circumstance or situation hits you ENTIRELY the wrong way and you just get so boiling mad and aggravated that you can’t even stand to be around yourself?? Nooooo, none of you ever get that way, right??

It’s like the song we sing at our church, “Through the Fire”:

So many times I’ve question certain circumstances
and things I could not understand.
Many times in trials weakness blurs my vision
and my frustration gets so out of hand.
It’s then I am reminded, I’ve never been forsaken.
I’ve never had to stand one test alone.
As I look at all the victories, the Spirit rises up in
me. And It’s through the fire my weakness is made strong.

Most of the time, my frustration gets out of hand because of silly things. No, they aren’t big things at all.

Someone not being courteous.
Someone driving too slow.
Someone bumping into my happy.
Someone leaving the mess for me to clean up.
Someone saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment.
Someone just doing something just to make me mad – ’cause that’s what people are out to do, right???

Like I said, SILLY STUFF!

When this happens in my life, I usually get grumpy and vent to my husband and tell him all about why I’m right and the other people are wrong. And I’ve been known to pout at times. #truth

Sometimes though, I retaliate. And that NEVER feels as good as I thought it would.

By the time God gets a hold of my attitude and frustration, He’s usually pointed out so many reasons in my life that I can be thankful instead of frustrated. He’s so gracious to love me, in spite of my weaknesses and emotional roller coasters (which seem to be coming more and more these days….oops, I’m sorry, friends and loved ones that have to put up with the real me more than you’d care to at moments).

As I sit and reflect on this particular #slowitdownSunday – a day that I really wish I could have a few “do over” moments for – I’m thankful for 3 special fathers:

– A Heavenly Father that adopted me into His family just as I am. One that will never forsake me, never leave me and is always near. I’m thankful I can call on Him all hours of the day or night and I know that He hears me when I call. One that takes my frustrations and molds me into who He created me to be, day by day, circumstance by circumstance. He’s the only one that can take my mess and turn it into a message.

– An earthly Father that has been such as example to me. I love that my dad is real. I love that He isn’t perfect. I love how He hasn’t given up. I love the example He has been to our family of serving and loving and being the hands and feet of Jesus. I love that He gets some of my frustrations that some others will never understand. I love that He’s my dad and that God chose Him because He knew that’s exactly who I would need. I love that I still have him living across the street and that my kids adore Papa.

slow it down Sunday the daily Starr father's day 7

Today at lunch with our dads!

FullSizeRender 102

Joy and I last year with Dad on Father’s Day (we didn’t get dressed up photos today…prob cause I was mad!)

FullSizeRender 101

Me with Dad at the City Pond in Wadesboro sometime back in the early 80s – with our matching hoodies, of course!!

– A husband that father’s my children and makes up for my crazy moments. There are days when I can’t even explain to you how He takes control and picks up my slack. He took care of a sick wife on his honeymoon and he actually stuck around!! He’s the biggest reason I would want a do over today – to let the frustrations get less of me so that I could give my husband the best part of who I am on a day that he deserves to be treated like a King. Brian, I love you and you truly are, “The World’s Greatest Dad” just like your favorite homemade tshirt says.

FullSizeRender 103



Who are you grateful for tonight? What frustration can you replace with gratefulness? Give it a try. It sure beats pouting, I can attest to that!!

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5 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / when aggravation gets the best of you

  1. So me today and the last like 2 weeks!!! Glad I’m not the only one who wants a do over!! I grumbled at my hubby too today:( oh well tomorrow is a new day!! Love you and your frustrations….but you have to love me and mine too:))

  2. sometimes we have to accept the things about each other that frustrate us, I have a short temper and my Brian has a little more patience. God places two people together for a reason-he evens you out and visa versa…. Thank God you show him you love him and appreciate him more than just on a few special days a year! Thanks for being real. We love you even when some of us are bumping into your happy.

  3. I’m glad that God puts the happy back in our lives through people who put up with our shortcomings!

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