#trashouttuesday / 10 ways to stop putting off your clutter

I’ve always been the kind that procrastinates with my clutter. I let it sit around until I absolutely HAVE to move it or go through it or whatever…

The clutter DOES actually bother me, but not enough to make it a priority on any given day. Let’s be real: most days I have a LOT more than clutter competing for my attention and I choose not to give it a second thought. Just sayin’!

As I’ve been on this journey of #trashouttuesday – 1 day a week focused on purging, I’ve figured out 10 ways to stop putting off my clutter:

10 way to stop putting off clutter the daily Starr trash out tuesday

#1 – pick 1 item and do JUST that item (Don’t get distracted by the other clutter, let it be – promise yourself to not move on to another item until you finish purging what you started. I’m currently on week 3 of my paper purge and I’m not moving until it’s finished!!)

trash out tuesday the daily Starr sorting papers

#2 – place the clutter in a well traveled area of your home where it will be in the way until you finish (Place all your bathroom items in the middle of your bedroom floor until you’ve gone through them and found a place for everything- you WILL get tired of stepping around the mess if it is positioned correctly)

trash out tuesday the daily Starr bathroom clutter

#3 – have a friend or family member help you sort through sentimental items (If you struggle with keeping those things that you feel attached to, bring in a third party to help you determine what to keep and what to trash)

#4 – find an easily accessible home for all items you want to keep and use (Otherwise, you’ll never use those 20 purses that you shove into the back of your closet and you’ll end up carrying the same boring one for 3 months at a time – #truth)

purse closet trash out tuesday the daily starr

#5 – take inventory by item and figure out when you have too much of a good thing (You have 20 tupperware bowls shoved in the cabinet, but you always end up using the same 5 that are easy to clean and stack in the front. Do yourself a favor and get rid of those that stay in the back of the cabinet and never see the light of day…or food.)

#6 – create a “gift closet”  (As you go through your purging and find items that were never opened or used, create a gift closet where you can easily access items for hostess gifts, thank you gifts, etc. Also, stock pile simple baby gifts to have on hand and keep from going to the store at the last minute for a shower you forgot about. If all of these items are located in your “gift closet” you’ll always know where to find them!)

#7 – set a timer (If you’re like me and you dread starting because you know it will take way longer than you have to spend, just set the timer for 10 minutes and do what you can. Then, come back tomorrow for 10 more minutes. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t do it all at once. This is still hard for me. I’d rather just sit down and do and be done – but life doesn’t let that happen very often!)

#8 – set a simple goal and reward (If you finish going through your paper piles by the end of the week, you’ll go out for ice cream. Include the whole family so that everyone helps achieve the goal and the reward! Track it on the fridge for everyone to remember what you’re working towards.)

#9 – don’t let items that you’ve classified as “DONATE” stay in your house too long! (I speak from experience, you’ll start to justify wanting to keep them and find a way to bring them back…JUST SAY NO!!!)

#10 – put yourself on a no shopping rule for a certain item until you’ve purged (Too many purses? Make a rule that you won’t buy another one, no matter how good the sale is, until you’ve gone through them completely. Don’t buy another soap or shampoo until you’ve gone through that cabinet in the bathroom.)

Yes, most of these ideas are simple. But they work 🙂

Most importantly, take it one day and one item at a time. It’s not worth the stress, I promise!

Your company will still love you if they stay with you the entire weekend with paper piles all along your living room floor, right???

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8 replies to “#trashouttuesday / 10 ways to stop putting off your clutter

  1. I started purging clothes today. I have a huge walk in closet and have a ton of clothes that I don’t even wear any more. Either they don’t fit because I have gained 15 pounds, or I am just tired of them, or they are those “I might need that” kinda item. I AM getting tough! I have clothes that I like and enjoy wearing so why all the extras! Today I purged one large kitchen trash bag full. I hope to do a bag a day until I finish! I also have a friend who is excited because she gets first dibs on them before they are donated.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. This is awesome, Judy!! The closet is one of the hardest for me. I have always struggled with wanting to hold onto the things I don’t wear and it doesn’t even make sense!! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all!

  2. I have been inspired by your examples! I have been going through the stuff Joy finally cleaned out of her room. I have one basket I’ve set aside to gather new and unused small toy items that can be prizes for children’s church. I have set aside a few clothes that Kayla can wear. I’ve thrown away some items and already sent a couple of boxes to Goodwill. I’m saving a select few things that Joy doesn’t know she will wish she had saved and I found a few treasures that I can use in my scrapbooks of her childhood. I’m getting there!

  3. My rule is go through cabinets,closets whatever box or bag whatever is being donated and immediately put in car and take it….

  4. Just in time for moving. I have procrastinated again and now I must do it. I needed this. Bad. Thanks for being real. Praying for you!
    Gina Horton in Alabama 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Gina! You can do it! Sometimes I wonder what in the world we would do if we were moving right now – it is certainly overwhelming! Praying that all goes well and that you move a lot less clutter with you 🙂

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