#trashouttuesday / Paper Piles Part II

It’s that day again: #trashouttuesday – the day I’m beginning to feel a love/hate relationship with, ha! I love the results, but I seriously dread the actual process…can I get an AMEN??

From last week: Paper Pile Update

We started with this last Tuesday –

trash out tuesday the daily Starr sorting papers

AND, this is where I am as of 8:45pm tonight:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr paper pile sorting

I’ve gone through about half of the stack – but MAN, that side view makes it look like A LOT more paper!! I have company coming in 2 days…so, this project will have to get wrapped up tonight…or tomorrow šŸ™‚

The items I’m struggling with most are the keepsakes for our daughters – school papers, church papers, art projects, homemade gifts – and goodness, there seems to be more than I thought!!

My biggest problem? I want to keep it ALL!

What do you all keep these kinds of items in for the long term? Tubs? Files? Flat plastic containers? Shoeboxes? HELP!

How do you decide what to keep? What to trash?

I need input from the organized folks that read this blog. Help a struggling sister out, please!

Also, I wanted to share about something I came across in one of my piles. I started this book for Kayla 2 years ago in Pre-School.

trash out tuesday the daily Starr oh the places youll go

At the end of each year, I will send the book in for her teachers to write her a note and when she graduates, I will give it to her (hopefully as a surprise!).

I started it out with a note from us:

trash out tuesday the daily Starr oh the places youll go 2

You could do this with any book, really! And it’s not too late to start wherever you are – no matter what age.

Alrighty, back to my paper piles!!

How about you? Have you gathered and purged anything yet using the 1 item idea? I’d love to hear about your progress!

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Encouragement for the Day:

encouragement for the day the daily Starr God closed the door

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2 replies to “#trashouttuesday / Paper Piles Part II

  1. I have a box (a huge storage container) that has keepsakes in it. But lately I just throw it out. I love the idea of keeping stuff for the kids but then I wonder if they will want it ( terrible cycle in my head). But I would suggest a small container for each child.

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