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1 word wednesday the daily Starr battle

I have a friend that is really struggling with a battle recently. She’s done all that she can think to do with her child – y’all know – fits, rage, and all that goes with that fun stuff!

We’ve prayed together and talked and supported each other through this journey.

The other night, I picked up a book I’ve had for ages – The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.

Have you guys read this book?

power of a praying parent

As I turned the pages into Chapter 1, I quickly grabbed my highlighter and I just knew I had to get this book in the hands of my friend as soon as possible.

Then, I decided to do for her what I do for myself when I read something that REALLY hits home – I jot down notes on index cards and keep them with me to read over and over and remind me.

This. One. Quote.

It spoke to me. It spoke to her. I hope it speaks to you.

Here it is again in case you didn’t read it at the top of this post:

1 word wednesday the daily Starr battle

The battle is not ours, friends.

Our part is to PRAY!

And the battle is not with our children, it’s with the devil.

Wanna see a break through in your life?
In your child’s life?
In whatever situation you’re facing right now?

Keep Praying!

Let’s let God do what God does best and then do our part for the battle on our knees. Amen!

What’s your #1wordwednesday for today? I’d love to know how I can remember you for this week!

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Encouragement for the Day:

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