#trashouttuesday / bathroom clutter – PART II

Last week I took a risk and shared this photo with you:

trashout tuesday life changing clutter the daily starr

Yes, that would be every single bathroom item in our house – all gathered in the middle of our bedroom floor.

“WHY did I torture myself?”, one may ask. Because I read an article based on this here book. And Marie Kondo told me to do it.

life chaning magic of tidying up the daily Starr trashout tuesday

The process was not fun. It was not pretty.

It nearly took all week. I started with 31 BINS & BAGS full of stuff. THIRTY-ONE (and no, I’m not talking about the cute bag company here…).

I went through each bin and bag to sort the items and trash the old expired stuff.

trash out tuesday the daily Starr bathroom clutter 2

THIS is the section of travel sized items…not even joking! I obviously have a problem.

trash out tuesday the daily Starr bathroom clutter

I secretly wished this week I would come back to you reporting that I threw it all away and I now have 3 bins of bathroom items (LOL). That is not the case.

Here is what I learned:

[Problem]: I am a stock piling shopper. I buy multiples of things we use and it adds to my clutter. I need to be more organized to know what our stock piles actually contain. Too many times I go and buy more when I already had something – I just couldn’t locate it.

[Solution]: Organize our items by categories so that I can go to the lotion bucket and get lotion when I need it. Btw, I will NOT be buying lotion for the next 10 years, people!!!

[Problem]: Too many travel sized items. I obviously hoard this stuff at hotels!!

[Solution]: It’s ok to hoard, but I need to give it away! I sorted through our items and divided up what will go to the homeless shelter and what will be used in the coming weeks for summer travelers spending time with us here.

[Problem]: I never unpack from trips. I had bags upon bags from travel where items remained in the bags and I forgot all about them. This needs to STOP (and Brian says, “AMEN!”) I’m one of those people that lives out of suitcases until the next trip. Brian unpacks the minute after stepping foot in the door.

[Solution]: Unpack when Brian does.

[Problem]: I buy things I REALLY don’t need, on impulse. I’m a marketing person so you would think I could be smart enough to pass on those well placed “you need these” items, right? Nope. I’m a sucker.

[Solution]: Implement a no shopping rule for bathroom items unless we are out of something. Brian has agreed to be my back up and hold me accountable. I will use items from the bins until there are no items of that category. Warning: if you see me anywhere near hair products or lotions in Walmart or Target please have them summon me over the loudspeakers to the customer service desk where you proceed to call me out. I give you permission to do this. Please. Help.

Here friends, is where I’ve landed (and I’m really not proud because there’s still too much stuff):

bathroom clutter part 2 the daily Starr trash out tuesday

1 1980’s caboodle of makeup
1 bin of hair dryer/curling irons/brushes
1 bin of curlers
1 bin of travel items
3 bins of lotion (I KNOW!! broken down by travel, plain and fruity)
1 bin of teeth products (the Efferdent is for my retainers y’all!!!)
1 bin of soaps
1 random bin of stuff I use everyday in the bathroom
1 bin of items for the guests staying in our home this year
1 bin of feet stuff – nail polish, etc.
1 massive bin of hair products

We went from 31 down to 13. And I’m cool with that, for now 🙂

So, what item will I tackle next? PAPERS!!!

trash out tuesday organizing papers 2 the daily starr 8 trash out tuesday organizing papers 2 the daily starr 7 trash out tuesday organizing papers 2 the daily starr 10 trash out tuesday organizing papers 2 the daily starr 9

Yep. Mucho paperero worko to be doneo!!! I started this last month, but this time we’re taking the Japanese lady’s advice and dumping every piece of paper onto our bedroom floor. Anyone want to come help??

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Encouragement for the Day:

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9 replies to “#trashouttuesday / bathroom clutter – PART II

  1. No lotion for you at any gift giving holiday/event! Wow! I know where to go when I need lotion. You should pack up goody bags or maybe our Sunday school class and our children should go give that stuff away!
    On a different note- I am super proud of you for going thru that, I know that took a lot. Now when a friend has a need you know what you have 🙂

    1. Girl yes on the goody bags!! I already have plans for fun things to do. Now you know why I’m always giving stuff away on the blog, lol 🙂

  2. Oh sweet sister hoarder, (LOL) I need to do this! I am pretty sure I don’t have 31 bins but I assure you I have more than I should. I have a list a mile long from your blog on things to do. This too is going on my list. You see my sweet mom is forever cleaning out her extra products and sending them home with me. I need to be strong! Is it just me or do others have issue with tossing out expired items as well?? I figure it’s just lotion what can go bad! Ha ha! Lol when my fingers fall off I guess I will know what caused it!! LOL

    1. I was wondering the same about the lotions Judy – and I even tossed some that had turned colors!!!!! Oh goodness!! I absolutely HATE trashing anything!! I have no clue why 🙂

  3. I can’t help but laugh at all the lotion cause I have as much as you or even more and who complains to you ALL the time about their dried, cracked hands??? I need to USE it and not just KEEP it!!!

    1. LINDA!!! This made me laugh!!! Really!!! We are both the cracked finger girls that send text message photos of our cracked thumbs and we have TONS of lotion!!!! Bhahahah. Also, you are the guests coming the summer. Everyone is going home with “Starr’s Favorite Things!!!” Like Oprah – YOU GET A LOTION, YOU GET A HAIRSPRAY, YOU GET A NAIL POLISH!!!! I’m cracking myself up!!

      1. And I will keep it all in my bathroom!!!

        I was sorting through stuff to trash at work today and seriously found 3 things that expired in 1997!!! The year I started there!!!!!! No wonder we get along so well!!!!

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