#trashouttuesday / I may never have any friends or readers again after THIS

I’ve long admitted my shortcomings and failures when it comes to housekeeping and clutter on this blog. I’m all about being real and I tell people all of the time, “Oh, if you want to feel better about yourself and your house, just come on over!!”

Well, friends. I cannot believe what I’m about to share with you – it is 100% reality of the true Starr. And it isn’t exactly pretty.

I present to you Exhibit A:
Every. Single. Bathroom. Item. In. Our. House.

trashout tuesday life changing clutter the daily starr

HOW did this happen? AND why do I have all of our bathroom contents in the middle of my bedroom floor?

Earlier this week I ran across an article/report that the Today Show did on clutter. The title caught my attention immediately, “The life-changing magic of tidying up: How this 1 tip changed everything”

I was intrigued. Oh, really? 1 tip. Whatever.

There cannot even be such a thing.

Confession: I loved what I read. The article is based on a best-selling book (that I’ve never heard of – but obviously 2 million other people have!):

life chaning magic of tidying up the daily Starr trashout tuesday

I haven’t bought the book yet. I do plan to. #procrastination is my other problem…

What I DID do was this –

The end of the article gave 9 tips for tidying up (obviously not the 1 tip they were talking about, but hey, they got my attention!!).

Tip #1 says to sort by category and not location. Don’t try to do one room at a time! WOW. That’s been my problem. I’ve ALWAYS done that.

Instead, start by item – like clothing (not going there right now), or books (nope, not now), or BATHROOM STUFF! YES!!

I warned Brian about the idea and that it was coming, get ready babe (he was secretly smiling inside and possibly even planted this article in my facebook feed on purpose now that I think about it)!

That’s how we got to this.

trashout tuesday life changing clutter the daily starr

Should I admit that there’s likely a bin or 2 with 10+ year old makeup? Or lotions that I never used that are of the same age? Or my grandma’s curlers that are probably 50+ years old.

You know what I’ll be doing til midnight or later…

The best part? Our bathroom is now EMPTY!!!

trashout tuesday bathroom clutter the daily starr


And to redeem myself just a bit, here’s an update from last week’s #trashouttuesday post.

Remember the pantry door that you best not EVER open if you come to my house?

attack of the pantry trash out tuesday the daily starr

LOOKIE here!

trashout tuesday the daily Starr pantry update

Oh, yes we did!

Now – what 1 item in your house are you going to tackle? I dare you to gather all your bathroom items from the closets and bathrooms. I double dog dare you.

PS – still be my friend even though I have 5,000+ bathroom items. Ok?



Encouragement for the Day:

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13 replies to “#trashouttuesday / I may never have any friends or readers again after THIS

  1. Lol. I have a shelf in the top of my bathroom closet that I’m not sure WHAT is in the back. Probably some of that 10+ year old stuff!!

  2. Still love you! but I am still cleaning cluttered closet of clothes I can’t wear…. Piled up in the corner of my room. Can not tackle the bathroom-yet.

  3. Well, if I gather all the toiletries I’ve stashed from couponing, I might just have that much!

  4. I read that article the other day – and what’s in the article definitely sounds interesting. I’m trying to figure out what to go through first (though I was already going through clothes so I’ll probably finish those first – and there’s no way I can do it all at once). BUT when I was looking at book reviews I’m not sure how I feel about the book itself. Maybe it’s just me. But something feels off.

    I do love that it is helping people (even Starr) start to declutter. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about the weird talking to your socks like sushi kinda off, right?? I felt that too. I’ll just keep the parts that help me declutter and talk to people, thank you very much 🙂

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