#makeovermonday / a cozy couch at the end of your bed!

Our bedroom has evolved over the years.

Here’s a photo I took last spring when it was semi clean – probably to send to my hubby to prove it was actually clean, ha!


I had just changed our bed up from using one of those in the bag comforter sets:


I liked the more neutral look with layered blankets instead. Note the cluttered night stand on my side of the bed…then, look at Brian’s side!!!


We also had this green chair. It was supposed to be a khaki colored chair from Rooms-2-Go that we ordered when we got our first furniture ever. But, they delivered the wrong color. And after 3 different deliveries of wrong furniture, I just decided to keep it.


This chair had been along for the ride for 11+ years – and during both pregnancies, it had been the place I slept towards the end thanks to heartburn 🙂

But, all good things must come to an end.

After all, the chair looked like this more often than not…


Not even joking. Just being real, people.

I decided it was time to let go of the fluffy green chair, so we sold it at a yard sale to a friend.

I’d had my eye on photos like this one on Pinterest for years. The idea of a couch at the end of the bed seemed so cozy. And our room is long enough to make it work!


But, I didn’t want to settle for just any couch. So, we looked. For an entire year.

In the meantime, I decided to sell our king sized bed and move in the queen bed that was currently in our guest room.



You can read more about the master bed makeover post here.

Finally, a year later – we found THE COUCH!


I had to make sure, though. So we looked and looked. And I took lots of photos of Brian. He loves to shop.

I also found this cute chair while we were out. I didn’t buy it, but I’m inspired to look for something similar at a thrift shop that I can recover on my own for cheap!


The couch got delivered a few weeks ago and we’re all loving its new home! It came from Ashley Furniture Homestore.

FullSizeRender 98

I didn’t clean up my entire room, so you’re only getting certain angles for now, ha!

IMG_6773 FullSizeRender 97

The book wreath above the bed is one I made for less than $5, >>here’s how<<!

That’s a wrap for this edition of #makeovermonday! I’m gonna go curl up on the cozy couch for now 🙂

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