#trashouttuesday / DO NOT open that pantry door!

If you were to walk into my house (which I probably wouldn’t let any of you do at this very moment – it looks like an absolute TORNADO went through here), I would warn you: “DO NOT open that pantry door by any circumstance! You might get attacked.”

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Somehow, it always ends up like this. I could tell you that I’m gonna clean out our pantry tonight for #trashouttuesday. But, I’m not. I have to be in a super-cleaning-mojo-kinda-mood to attack this carefully arranged mess.

What I am going to do is fill 5 paper bags – with food that is NOT expired.

Every Keller Williams office around the world participates in an annual day of service each May called RED Day.

keller williams red day 2015 the daily Starr

Our office decided to hold a food drive this week to benefit the local food pantries.

Some facts about food pantries/shelters you may not realize:

– Summer is the greatest need for most pantries. People typically think of donating around the holidays and those donations run out before summer hits. Also, financial donations drop in the summer months with most people going on and saving for vacations.

– Most shelters organize programs in the communities to make sure children out of school for the summer have an opportunity to get at least one meal a day that they would otherwise receive at school. Our local shelter even has a “backpack” program where children receive a backpack full of easy to fix meals once a week during the summer months.

– Shelters always need staples like peanut butter, soup, cereal and spaghetti/sauce.

– Your local shelter likely needs volunteers on a consistent basis to help sort food and serve in the local kitchens.

Our daughters got an official dose of hot, sweaty volunteering this afternoon in the 90+ degree weather!! We gathered over 200 empty paper bags and distributed them throughout our neighborhood. The instructions simply asked our neighbors to help support the drive – just leave the bag filled with donations outside by your door on Thursday morning and we’ll take it to the shelters for you!

How about you and your family?
How can you help your local shelter this summer?

Start small. Invite your friends from church, the neighborhood or the ball team to help.
Give them an empty paper bag and tell them to fill it up!

Let’s all get rid of 1 thing we aren’t using or don’t need today.

And then, next Tuesday – let’s do it again.

Just 1 thing. Nothing big. No pressure to sort through an entire closet or an even an entire junk drawer.

Just 1 thing.

It doesn’t matter where it goes. Give to a non-profit that can use your stuff. Give to a friend who would like to have some of your stuff – put a bow around it and surprise them just because! [only if it is something nice – don’t be giving away your junk to your friends…they will de-friend you!!] Put a photo on Facebook and tell everyone it’s free – who wants it??

Who wants to join me? Just 1 thing. Go find it. Right now. And give it away.

I’ll meet you here next week and we can find 1 more thing to #trashouttuesday together, deal? πŸ™‚

Heyyyy – the WINNER of the $200 TJ Maxx Giveaway is… …. …. …. …. …. …. …

TJ Maxx giveaway winner the daily Starr

Judy!! I’ve sent you an email with all of the exciting details.

And just so you guys know, I used this Rafflecopter thingy because it had a totally random selection tool for choosing the winner! I didn’t want to be responsible for playing favorites in any way hahahah! πŸ™‚

Encouragement for the Day:

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9 replies to “#trashouttuesday / DO NOT open that pantry door!

  1. Ha! I opened that door by accident while cleaning and shut it back immediatly! It almost gave me a panic attack lol:) Great idea I will bring some stuff to Melissas on Thursday! I love your heart😘

    1. Awesome!! Melissa had a bag on her mailbox this evening πŸ™‚ Let’s also be clear that you haven’t helped me clean in MONTHS because this place is a total wreck hahah!!

      1. That is the whole reason you should let her clean! Hahaha!!! We will be getting some stuff together for our bag. I love this idea!

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