#makeovermonday / inspired by our favorite hotel – be my guest giveaway!

6 years ago I sat in traffic on Interstate 77 trying to get home….I seriously sat 5 days in a row for a charity event in downtown Charlotte with the company I worked for at the time. I don’t do well in traffic, y’all. At all.

Each day, there was this one billboard that captured my attention. I don’t have an actual photo of the billboard, but it looked a little something like this:

makeover monday the daily Starr old edwards inn and spa 4

Pool. Relaxation. Chairs with fluffy cushions. Flowers. Trees.

Well done, marketing people. Well done.

I wanted to go to this place. I had no earthly idea where it was, but I went home talking about it to my hubby!

Now let me go on record as saying, we are not people that like to splurge often. We don’t typically spend a lot of money going to movies or on clothes and shopping. I mean really, people. I bought my last maternity top bathing suit at the Goodwill for $1.25!! I am your go to CLEARANCE girl and pick up trash off the side of the road to makeover kinda woman.

But, I am a firm believer that time should be set aside and dollars budgeted a few times a year to get away with my man. Me and him. Together. To breathe, to dream, to hit the reset button on life.

Needless to say, we searched the internet for this hidden place in the mountains of NC and took off on a little road trip. And we’ve been coming back ever since. (Brian says I can’t tell you the name because then all of you will find out about our secret place and you’ll contribute to us not being able to get rooms because this place stays booked up all the time…hahahah!)

I think what brings me back to Old Edwards Inn (ooops, I told you the name) over and over again is the fact that they make us feel special. They think of EVERYTHING. And there’s no schedule here. Just quiet mountains, church bells, main street and cool nights on the porch with the sounds of nature.

If I ever build a house of our own one day, I have complete measurements from this place of how our bedroom and bath will be designed – copying every detail from our favorite room here! Each room is different and we’ve absolutely found our favorite over the years. I think they should rename it from the Hickory King to the Brian & Starr, don’t you think it has a nice ring?

I’ve even started adding certain aspects of our favorite hotel into our home as I go. That’s what brings me to #makeovermonday for this week: how to make over your guest bathroom – make your next guest feel SUPER SPECIAL!

One thing I love about staying here is this adorable little bathroom tray:

makeover monday the daily Starr old edwards inn and spa 2

You’ll always find a fresh flower, toiletries, a shower cap (YES!), nail file, makeup remover, cotton balls, q-tips and more!

I also love that they keep these glass cups to rinse out your toothpaste (no plastic cups here):

makeover monday the daily Starr old edwards inn and spa

Over in the closet area, you’ll find this cute little coffee cart:

makeover monday the daily Starr old edwards inn and spa 3

Note: You don’t have to go spend $$ on a Keurig – look at local yard sales for a coffee maker (they are always at yard sales for cheap) or even find some kind of single cup coffee maker on sale at your local discount store and put items to make their own coffee in the room. How wonderful is it to smell coffee in your room??

To get you started in creating your own little “be my guest” getaway – I’m giving away 2 starter kits with a lot of the items you see in the images above (not the coffee maker, ha!).

1 “be my guest” kit for YOU
1 “be my guest” kit for YOUR FRIEND

To enter, comment below and tell me who your favorite guest is that you have in your home.

One of my favorite guests is my Aunt Debra. She comes to stay with us every summer and I love having her here and making her feel special <3.

Comment below to win – we’ll pick a winner on Wednesday!

Encouragement for the Day:

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8 replies to “#makeovermonday / inspired by our favorite hotel – be my guest giveaway!

  1. My favorite guest has to be my best friend. She doesn’t stay overnight very often, but when she does we stay up too late. Just talking and spending time together.

  2. My favorite guest is my sweet friend Tonya. Several years ago she moved to Finland so she only comes to the states once or twice a year. We stay up late and giggle like school girls catching up on all the things we have saved to share in person. What a wonderful idea to set up a coffee station in her room! Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Now I can’t wait for her or whom ever is my next guest!


  3. My favorite guest is my longest and best friend Tiffine (Tiffany) she is my favorite lol my other half! She remodels every house I live in and I love it 😄she cleans house cause I’m a “horder” and save everything she makes any house my home and always helps me fall back and regroup!!! And when she leaves I cry (every time) I ❤️❤️❤️❤️My sister

  4. My favorite guest is my sister Amy. We have so much fun when she’s here. It’s like we’re kids again.

  5. My favorite guest would be my cousin sarah i love when she comes over and stays for a girls night we just laugh and have so much fun 🙂

  6. Absolutely love love love that verse! I think my Mother who is a frequent guest and after a very frugal 80 years(this year!) would so enjoy some pampering when she comes to visit her only Grandchild. (You know it’s really him she comes to see right)? She enjoys the little things more than most. Thanks for your never ending generosity-it inspires me to be a better person! And your ideas Rock! Gina H

  7. I decided to pick 2 WINNERS!! Judy and Amber Donahue – check your emails, ladies 🙂 Thanks everyone for commenting!

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