#slowitdownSunday / seeing God in the sunset AND your stinky laundry

It’s so easy to see God in the sunrise…

God in the sunrise the daily Starr slow it down Sunday 2

[Photo credit to my friend, Tara]

God even shows up on Facebook, people – when we see amazing photos like this that are shared and liked by thousands of people (btw, I want to go here – it’s a chapel in SC!):

God in the sunrise the daily Starr slow it down Sunday

[source 1=”Dave” 2=”Allen” 3=”Photography” 4=”on” 5=”Facebook” language=”:”][/source]

And we see God again in the sunset…I like those better than sunrises, personally. 🙂

god in the sunset the daily Starr slow it down Sunday

Oh, and look at Him showing out in these amazing clouds…

God in the sky the daily Starr slow it down Sunday

Ok – last one, just because it is so beautiful. God shows up and reminds us that He still keeps His promises too:

alison's facebook photo

[Photo credit to my friend Alison on her Facebook page]

Now, do you see God here?

God in your stinky laundry the daily Starr slow it down Sunday

Yes, that’s loads and loads of my own stinky laundry. And yes, God is HERE too!

This morning in Sunday School our teacher was talking about seeing God in those things that get on her nerves – like doing laundry or washing dishes. She mentioned how she tends to grumble through those things and even act like her own 9 year old at times. We’ve all been there, amen?

It was at that point that another friend in our class spoke up and said, “Yeah, it’s so easy to feel that way until you aren’t able to do laundry one day and you worry about having to find someone to do it for your family!”

You see, this friend was struck by a sudden sickness several years back and she was almost bed ridden, unable to do all the things that she normally did for her husband and 2 boys. Their lives got turned upside down in an instant and I remember so clearly her talking about them all learning to do the laundry for the first time!

This visual really got to me today. As I wind down on this #slowitdownSunday I want to see God in EVERYTHING, even my laundry. I want to find him in the ordinary and the extraordinary. I don’t want to take a day for granted and I want to bless the Lord – all that is within me bless His Holy name!

Let’s all look this week for ways to see God in the midst of it all. He’s there, always.

Encouragement for the Day:

proverb of the day the daily Starr proverbs 26-4


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6 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / seeing God in the sunset AND your stinky laundry

  1. Wonderful! I am beyond blessed today. As I did my mountains of laundry I found the Lord…..thank God for the kids I do those mountains of laundry for. Thank God for my husbands two loads of work clothes ( that his work offers to launder, but he would rather me do) Thank you for my friends in Sunday school and the perspective given on the little things like laundry.

  2. Well I have to say my laundry is not done and there are dishes in my sink, if you know me at all….this is not normal! But I chose to spend time with my family today and those things will be there tomorrow! So praise the Lord for me having a day off and just enjoying my family!!!

    1. I’m in SHOCK!! Hahaha. Welcome to the club, girl!! And family is way more important than stressing about the laundry for sure! Glad you had a great day!

  3. I think you wrote this for me. How did you know that laundry and dishes(we do not have a dishwasher) are my least favorite activities? I have also had an experience with my Mother who is aging and must have her laundry done for her. How must that feel to this once fiercely independent person? I am going to especially look for God this week. In my own day to day and hope to be a blessing for my Mom! Praying with you on all your posts. Thanks so much. Gina H

    1. We are tooo much alike, Gina! I’m right there with ya on the laundry and the dishes!! They pile up at our house because I despise them!! It puts a different perspective when you hear about someone that loses that ability, for sure! Praying for you too, friend <3

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