#makeovermonday / FREE busted up chest of drawers = adorable kitchen art cabinet

Today’s #makeovermonday features this oh so fabulous busted up chest of drawers that was left for trash in a house.

makeovermonday free chest of drawers the daily starr

It took a wee bit of convincing, but Brian loaded it up and brought it home. In light of being completely honest – he brought it home to our front porch, and that is where it stayed for several weeks…our neighbors LOVE us!! ❤

I used my handy dandy Valspar Exterior Primer to cover the entire piece in white. I buy it straight off the shelf white, no mixing. Cheap, cheap, cheap!!

make over monday chair recover the daily starr 4

I did have to do a bit of sanding on this piece to cover the peeled paint in areas. I normally don’t bother with that unless a piece is messed up like this one.

After SEVERAL coats of my primer, this adorable cabinet was added to our breakfast area in the kitchen!

makeover monday free chest of drawers 4 the daily starr

Yes, the drawers are crooked and a bit hard to pull out at times, but isn’t it just so adorable?? It became the perfect location to store all of the art supplies that our girls like to play with that are only allowed at the table (because otherwise we’d have paint and marker all over everything we own, amen?).

After a few weeks, I found these knobs at Target that Brian added:

makeover monday free chest of drawers 3 the daily starr

Note: I paid WAYYY too much for these big heavy handles at Target (around $45 total for all 8). I later realized that Hobby Lobby carries a huge assortment of handles and knobs and you can wait for them to go half off and get a GREAT deal!

Here is our finished product and the little imperfect white cabinet that I love so much!

makeover monday free chest of drawers 2 the daily starr

Don’t ever be afraid to pick up a busted piece of furniture off the side of the road. If anything, it will give you something to practice on without spending a lot of money! And who knows? You may end up finding an adorable treasure to add to your home for FREE 🙂

Proverb of the Day:

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