#shareitsaturday / HELP – how do you get brighter whites??

It’s time for this week’s #shareitsaturday and I seriously need HELP from you, my friends!

How do you get brighter whites in your laundry?

I’m struggling with some of my favorite white tank tops that are sooo completely dingy and I refuse to give them up because they are so stinkin’ comfy!

I’ve tried vinegar. I’ve tried bleach. I’ve tried regular brightener with my laundry detergent. I haven’t had much luck at all, really.

Earlier this morning I reached out to one of my boy mom friends that has a son involved in sports. Surely she could give me some suggestions, right?

Here are several remedies that Michelle uses:

share it saturday help brighter whites the daily starr

share it saturday help brighter whites 2 the daily starr

She also uses something called Iron Out – but that’s for red mud. I don’t have any red mud…yet – haha!! (I can hear all of you laughing about what I’m in for with our first boy on the way!!)

I also researched a bit online and found this great article – now, don’t laugh. It’s from grandparents.com (The American Grandparents Association – HA!) and it’s titled “10 Real Ways to Get White Clothes Whiter”

grandparents dot com whites whiter the daily Starr share it saturday

Now I need to hear from YOU! Help people. I need to keep these comfy white tank tops and you don’t need to be embarrassed to see me out in public with dingy white-almost-grey shirts either πŸ™‚

Help a sista out and comment below! My clothes sincerely thank you.

Proverb of the Day:

share it saturday proverb of the day the daily Starr prov 25 6-7


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  1. I love love love iron out! We have really hard water and it turns our whites dingy yellow so I put some in all my whites!! I use it for red mud too but for that I soak it with iron out.

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    • Thanks, Miranda! I looked for this at Wal-Mart the other night and couldn’t find it. Someone mentioned it is located in the hardware section??? I am totally going to try it out!!!


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