#trashouttuesday / a nightstand full of stuff…for 7 years

April has been deemed the month to get organized to give in the Haigler house with all of our extra stuff. #trashouttuesday during this month is our weekly check-in. Our goal is to be ready to act when we find out about a need that we can help with.

We traveled this past week for a little family vacation during spring break. Each time I travel, I’m constantly reminded of how little we use when we are away. I find that I really don’t miss all of the clutter that bogs us down when we’re at home. It’s just simpler. It’s easier. There are less choices. Less messes. Less time wasted on keeping up with stuff and more time spent enjoying family, sights, sounds, experiences.

Travel light.

Yes, what a concept.

What if we lived light too?

Side note: My husband may actually argue with the words “travel light” saying that those words don’t even go together when STARR travels….blah blah…

I’m reminded of a verse that supports living a simpler life:

Matthew 6:20
Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.

I could seriously spend the rest of 2015 going through our entire house and getting rid of the excess. Then, I’d probably have to start all over again – it’s a never ending cycle for our family.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and to decide to do nothing at all. But, that simply isn’t an option anymore for us. We just might explode out the windows of this house, y’all!

Start small. Day by day. Drawer by drawer. Bin by bin. Closet by closet.

Tonight: it shall be the nightstand with drawers that have been full of stuff for almost 7 years straight. Stuff I don’t use. Wasted space. Why? I don’t know.

nighstand trash out tuesday the daily starr

Fingernail clippers. Books. Notecards. A sweater trimmer to get the fuzzy things off old sweaters. Microsoft Office 2003. Medicine. Expired. Old. Medicine. Cords that I have no idea what they go with. Ricola cough drops from 2007.

REALLY, Starr??

Do you have places like this in your home? Go now. Tackle one little drawer. Just. One.

#hoardersunite 🙂

Keep it up! You got this.

Proverb of the Day:
Escape quickly from the company of fools; they’re a waste of time, a waste of your words. [Proverbs 14:7 MSG]


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7 replies to “#trashouttuesday / a nightstand full of stuff…for 7 years

  1. Oh my gosh I think I have a matching night stand! Many of the items you listed are sitting in my drawers right now. Except I also have 500 ink pens and a couple of cassette tapes from 1988! Hahaha! You have inspired me! Clean oUT my night stand has been added to my to do list! Thanks

    1. Hahahah! I am laughing, Judy!! The cassette tapes…bhahahahh!! Well, friend you are not alone. We will do this together, for sure 🙂

  2. Same here-2 drawers filled to the brim-handlotion, lipbalms, dead booklights, books and journals never opened or never read, batteries and cords to electronics and I think I can say that I have as many or more pens than Judy!

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