#funfriday / twas the day before Valentine’s Day

Twas the day before Valentine’s Dayand procrastinators unite for #funfriday!

I picked up the kiddos and we headed where everyone else goes at 5pm on the day before Valentine’s Day – the Dollar Tree!

Our mission: 1 gift for each immediate family member!

The girls got to choose (I steered a little haha – otherwise Brian would have ended up with a princess flashlight!!).

I only had to threaten to put all the gifts back once, they straightened up.

Their favorite part? Balloons. For themselves, of course.

Note: Kylie got a “Happy Birthday” balloon because it was the only one with Minnie!

dollar tree valentines the daily Starr dollar tree valentines 2 the daily Starr

We ended up with the normal Valentines – ya know: flashlights, rubber gloves, rubber ducky scrubby things, socks (lots of socks) and happy birthday balloons! All for less than $20 – I’d say it was a success!

We’re making our own Valentine’s cards by giving each family member a printable page of 10 Things We Love About You – you can print your own too:

10 things I love about you the daily starr.pages

We also tried a non-candy Valentine for all of Kayla and Kylie’s classmates. I found this one on Pinterest last night and it turned out pretty cute!

awesome sauce valentine the daily Starr 2 awesome sauce valentines the daily Starr

All in all, we had a fun afternoon – the dollar store can wear one out!

wiped out valentines 2 the daily Starr wiped out valentines the daily Starr

Happy Valentine’s eve, y’all!

Proverb of the Day:
Godliness guards the path of the blameless, but the evil are misled by sin. [Proverbs 13:6 NLT]


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