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This #funfriday brings us road trippin’ it to sunny Orlando for our annual work conference. We’re in Georgia right now and no, we aren’t excited at all to get away…

happy to get away the daily starr

Here’s some of our favorite travel trips for road trippin’ wherever the friendly roads might take you and your family!

#1 Wear travel hats.
We stumbled upon this crazy tradition and bringing out the “travel hats” just makes our lives way more fun. We even found a ton of them on clearance for less than $5 at the end of the summer season at Target last year. Go get yourself a “travel hat!”

travel hats the daily Starr

#2 Eat at Cracker Barrel (while wearing your travel hat).
You cannot even go wrong stopping along the interstate for some breakfast any time of the day at Cracker Barrel. Also, if you have never tried the Wild Maine Blueberry pancakes…Y’ALL!!! Well, just try them. I didn’t order those tonight ’cause I was super hungry – so naturally I got the hungry girl’s breakfast special. And. I. Ate. It. All. Thank. You. Very. Much. Brian got a boring salad. B O R I N G.

eat at cracker barrel and wear a travel hat the daily Starr

#3 Pack your barely used hand soaps into the shower caps from hotel rooms!
Yes. You are welcome for this wealth of traveling knowledge. I got so tired of using a hand soap for 1 night and leaving it to be thrown in the trash after we check out. And I NEVER use the shower caps they give you. So, I began wrapping the soap in the shower cap. GENIUS!

soap in a shower cap the daily Starr

#4 Google for cool signs and landmarks wherever you are going.
This past fall we took a family road trip to Maine. We had no agenda, just drive and explore. I googled for cool landmarks and realized we were going to be close to Caribou – America’s most northeastern city! Well, I found a cool sign, kinda like the one below, and knew that we had to find it for a photo op. We couldn’t find the sign. After an hour of searching, we stopped at the Police Department – surely they would direct us to a sign!! And they did. Right near where we had been driving 🙂

stop by the side of the road the daily Starr

[photo creds to our incredible 7 year old..yeah, she rocked it!]

#5 Never be afraid to stop by the side of the road for photos.
On that same road trip to Maine, we found a tiny bit of snow and we just had to stop! Also, we found a church that was turned into a house…or maybe a house that decided to add a steeple..not really sure. But, we got fun photos!

stop by the snow the daily Starr

church turned house the daily Starr

#6 Don’t stress in traffic or missed turns or roads that don’t exist. It’s allll good!
We have had our fair share of mishaps on road trips. If everyone gets stressed, put on some good music, stop for some good food and just BREATHE! We missed taking a route tonight that would have saved us from sitting for an hour in Atlanta traffic…ARGHHH. But no harm done, we’ll get there just the same.

#7 Use travel rewards
We have been Orbitz fans for some time now. Whenever possible, we book our rooms or vacations through Orbitz (as long as the deals are great!). They constantly send us promo coupons for 10-15% off our stays and we take advantage of those as much as possible. They also have a FREE rewards program that gives you Orbitz bucks for every stay. We’ve banked enough that tonight our hotel stay at the Fairfield Inn with breakfast will be FREE! Wooohoooo!! We love some F R E E.

#8 Watch the skies and take it all in.
We love watching for the small ordinary moments in every day. They are there. Just watch for them and take them in. We’ve been blessed with another day to live and breathe and enjoy our friends and family. I don’t want to ever take that for granted.

watch for pretty skies the daily Starr watch for sunsets the daily Starr

Lastly, I have to say a very special thank you to our friends and family that always take care of our littles when we travel for work or mommy & daddy time. They love the special time with you all, ESPECIALLY when I get photos like this of ice cream bowls and such. Thanks. Thanks mom and dad. #spoiledrotten

ice cream with grammie the daily Starr

I wish you a very happy #funfriday, friends~

Proverb of the Day:
Good friend, follow your father’s good advice; don’t wander off from your mother’s teachings. Wrap yourself in them from head to foot; wear them like a scarf around your neck. Whenever you walk, they’ll guide you; whenever you rest, they’ll guard you; when you wake up, they’ll tell you what’s next. For sound advice is a beacon, good teaching is a light, moral discipline is a life path. [Proverbs 6:20-23 MSG]


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