#slowitdownSunday / firstfruits & monthly prayer list

Our Pastor shared a video this morning as part of his sermon. It really spoke to me and the words are lingering still in my heart this afternoon:

“God gave Jesus in faith that we might one day give our lives to Him. The gift of His son came before the blessing of our repentance and salvation.”

Yes. Those words stir something inside of me.

God has no promise that we will turn and follow Him – yet, He gave His one and only son – even without that promise of our repentance in return.

That is how deep the Father’s love is for us!

Although the main part of today’s sermon reflected around giving God the firstfruits of your income, I felt God tugging at my soul in such a different area.

My time.

The firstfruits of my time.


I’ve felt for years now that God wants me early in the morning. And I have battled. I am no morning person. I don’t do mornings.

And I’ve been through several seasons of giving into this offering of my time – and it has NEVER come easy. There is not enough coffee or Mt Dew to transform me into a morning bird.

I’ve even made excuses recently that I need extra rest.

Am I giving God the firstfruit of my time each day, or the leftovers?

So here I am again. Me and God. Me and God and mornings.

It’s a struggle.

But going to places with God that you’ve never been, almost always require you to do something that you’ve never done.

Also, it’s the first Sunday in February! Take some time today to create a monthly prayer list and keep it in front of you to remember those people and situations God has put on your heart. Put it over the kitchen sink, or in your journal, or in the bathroom (yeah, I said that). Just put it wherever you will remember to go back and bring those things before God this month.

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Writing down prayers and answers to prayers helps us see the hand of God moving in our lives. How often do we forget or take for granted all of the answered prayers in our lives? I know I do. I want to go back and retrace prayers for my children and grandchildren – to show them how God has been so faithful to hear our prayers all these years!

It can start with me and you and it can start today!

Proverb of the Day:
My child, listen when your father corrects you. Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction. What you learn from them will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck. [Proverbs 1:8-9 NLT]


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4 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / firstfruits & monthly prayer list

  1. God and are doing the morning thing. 5 minutes in the morning to make me a nicer and happier person. I let my life get dry. Meeting God in the morning helps all day long. It is working I am on 3 weeks now.

    1. Karen – friend, I need your accountability again 🙂 You are so right – even 5 minutes can make such a difference in how we approach our day. I too let my life become dry and want to give mornings another go! So glad we are in this together!

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