#slowitdownSunday / when God slows down this people pleasing control freak

I have a friend that recently got the dreaded flu. It knocked her down for almost an entire week. Here’s the odd thing: as she finally got back to herself and started back to work a full week later, she felt more refreshed than ever – after the FLU!


She’s a lot like me. She doesn’t slow down too often. And when she does, there’s a bit of hesitation about what she SHOULD be doing instead of resting and recharging. Then, God does what He does best and sends something to force us to slow down without regrets – like the flu, OR having a baby, OR insert whatever circumstance has made you stop lately whether you like it or not!

It’s then that we don’t apologize for rest. Those around us actually urge us to stay home, get better, take some time for yourself – don’t come spreading your germs around here!!

I’ve had to slow life down quite a bit lately. It’s required. I’ve had to start saying no. And that isn’t easy at all for this people pleasing control freak.

I’ve been the crazy motivated and driven corporate type. I’ve tasted success and the acceptance from those around me after a job well done. Funny thing: those times of success have never come without regrets – regrets that I should spend more time with my family and focusing on what really matters most…

There’s been a small voice lately urging me to focus on being a mom and on supporting my family. To stop worrying about all the other dreams and goals and crazy ambitions running around in my head. I’ll be the first to admit that my family has taken a back seat to jobs, ministry and my own selfish gains at times.

And my house. We don’t even need to go there. Y’all know. It’s mostly a disaster, most of the time. I’m sure Brian wouldn’t mind me focusing a little more on making our home more like a retreat of rest than a dread of disaster 🙂

As I’ve been considering what it would be like to put all these things on hold, a certain friend has come to mind over and over. She’s a baseball mom that always has put God, her boys and family first. Her job is in the home and she’s a constant support for her children and her husband.

Shall I admit the hard truth: I’ve wondered if she got it all right and I’ve missed the mark?

I think about how she’s lived this life that I’ve passed over for many years. And I can’t help but think about how she’s seen value in the things I’ve missed for so long. We’re both part of a new Sunday school class at church and we’ve been praying for each other. I’ve been thinking about how I really want to be more like her – and that’s so very different for me.

Then, God shows up and totally throws me for a loop. It’s like this quote from the Circle Maker book: “You can’t never always sometimes tell!”

This morning in Sunday school we were all sharing what we’ve learned from our current study. And I kid you not: My friend that I’ve thought of so much lately that seems to get everything that I’ve missed – starts sharing from her heart about how she’s struggling to find her purpose. It’s like we’re both in this crazy place of feeling like the other has it right.

The lesson I took from both of our struggles: No one has this figured out. We all fall short. And we all need God. We need Him a lot.

There’s no perfect formula for how to get this life right. It’s our job to take life one day at a time and to seek God for whatever it is He has in store for us right now.

Yes, He could be preparing us for something big. He could be preparing us for a season of rest. He could be teaching us lessons that we’ll only learn through trial and error – I’ve had lots of those!

No, I’m not ready to declare being a full time stay at home mom that homeschools yet! Whew…everybody breathe a huge sigh of relief!! But hey, “You can’t never always sometimes tell!”

you cant never always sometimes tell the daily starr

I’m ready for whatever God sends my way – and I know that He’ll provide the grace, rest and determination for whatever that is – in His perfect time.

Amen? Amen!

Proverb of the Day:
Singing cheerful songs to a person with a heavy heart is like taking someone’s coat in cold weather or pouring vinegar in a wound. [Proverbs 25:20 NLT]


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5 replies to “#slowitdownSunday / when God slows down this people pleasing control freak

  1. I know the friend you speak of and I know you as well. I admire both of you and how you both value God and family. I agree, no one way is right for everyone. But God knows our hearts and sees us trying to be the best we can be.

  2. It is easy to look at others and to think they have it all together but God brings us down different paths for a reason. Embrace who you are but never stop seeking God’s will for where he will lead you.

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