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#funfriday in our house has been FULL OF LAUNDRY! [which hasn’t been fun at all really…]

loads of laundry the daily Starr

But, when everyone has run out of underwear, you don’t really have much of a choice, right?

For most of the day, you could find our girls truly having their own creative fun downstairs in the playroom. Part of their Christmas from mommy and daddy included some super cool additions to our stage:

lets build a stage 1 the daily starr

We’ve been building the stage in parts since Kayla’s birthday in October.


Phase 1 of the Stage Project: Stage Riser

First, Brian got the 2x6s and plywood along with outdoor carpet from Lowe’s. It’s basically nailed and pieced together to fit the little niche in our playroom wall. We stapled the outdoor carpet directly to the wood with a staple gun while having it upside down before putting in place.

The cost for that first phase was $75-$100. (Thus that was the only part we did for her birthday, ha!)


Phase 2 of the Stage Project: Chalkboard Paint

Next, I borrowed an idea from my friend Tara that keeps our kids at her in-home daycare. She recently painted a wall in one of her rooms with chalkboard paint and the kiddos LOVE it! What a fab idea! We already had some black chalkboard paint leftover from a project in our garage – so that was FREE!

You can pick up a small can of chalkboard paint anywhere like Wal-mart, Target or Lowe’s for less than $10. Also – note that chalkboard paint now comes in all sorts of colors so you can tailor it to match your decor.

The chalkboard paint is some super strong smelling stuff, so make sure you have some fans on hand to help and open the windows to circulate the air. Also, plan to do a couple of coats of paint. I myself have trouble finishing projects, so mine needs another coat, hahah!

As you can see, Kayla has been practicing her math recently on the wall – and I was too lazy to clean it off and put a cool Merry Christmas message up there, oh well!

It is so wonderful to give them some sidewalk chalk and let them go crazy drawing up and down the wall!


Phase 3 of the Stage Project: The Fun Extras (Disco Ball, Curtains & Lighted Rug)

The last part of the stage was TOTALLY inspired by my friend Becca! After all, the idea for the stage in the first place came from a visit we had to their house for dinner this year. Their kids have a play room with a stage and our girls had an absolute blast singing Frozen songs from the top of their lungs!

Becca clued me in to the fact that IKEA currently has some fabulous extras to add to your stage. The nice thing is you can buy one item at a time and just add as you can. I picked up these pieces one or two at a time over the past few months and saved them to add on at Christmas as a surprise.

First we got the Disco ball – IKEA has this cool one that includes the lights and has a super long cord that can run down the wall so it can be placed anywhere you’d like. Although it does not attach to a light kit – which is what I thought originally. You can put it anywhere.

lets build a stage 3 the daily starr

This disco ball can be found at IKEA for less than $30. You can also find them at Wal-mart and Target.

Next, we added the stage curtains.

lets build a stage 4 the daily Starr

Becca found these cool track rod for curtains that you can attach to the ceiling. It’s IKEA – so you can purchase it separately to get as little or as much as you need. Each one is 55in long, so we got 2 of them to cover the entire front of our stage. You can also buy those little white pieces that attach the curtains and run along the track.

The rods are less than $5 each, the white attachment pieces run around $2.50 for 25. I also purchased a pack of the silver clips to attach my curtains easily. Those were about $5 for 25.

The curtains I used were some that I already had from IKEA – they are about $20 for 2 panels and are super long.

In all – you can get the curtains, rods and pieces for less than $50.

Note: Brian said it was not really easy to figure out how to get that track rod to attach to the ceiling. You can call him if you have any trouble 🙂 You’re welcome~

And the last piece of our stage is the lighted rug!

lets build a stage 2 the daily Starr

It’s the most expensive splurge of our stage coming in at $40 from IKEA. You just roll it out, and plug it in. There are several fun settings to keep the lights constant, or have them flashing and flashing at intervals – SUPER FUN!

And there ya have it, hours of endless fun in our playroom – y’all come watch a show!! 🙂

Proverb of the Day:
The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts. [Proverbs 26:22]


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