#trashouttuesday / TURN THEM ALL OFF!

This one piece of advice improved my life more than I ever thought it would.

It came from a real estate conference that I attended where the speaker shared how he managed his time and set goals in his life.

This stuck out to me as strange and not very cool to do…

He doesn’t have a single alert set on his phone.

His phone doesn’t even ring.
No text alerts.
No Facebook alerts.
No email alerts.

His phone doesn’t take over his life. Nor do the constant demands of clients, friends, etc.

He decides when he will open the emails. He decides when he will call someone back. He decides when to open social media.

I took his advice shortly after the conference and turned off most of my alerts. The only sound you will ever hear coming from my phone is the actual phone ringing and the messenger that my work assistant uses when he has a question during working hours (he’s pretty awesome and only sends stuff when he needs me!).

I also turned off most of the “badge notifications” that pop up when your phone is locked. The only thing that shows up now is text messages and missed phone calls.

Warning: I even deleted the FACEBOOK app for a few weeks off my phone. Goodness. That was hard.

Yes, I brought it back. But I have actually taken it off of the main page of my apps. I struggle with this more than anything probably. I used to take every single moment of waiting, riding, whatever – scrolling through Facebook. This is not healthy. I purposefully try to limit my check ins to a few times a day now. Sometimes I fail at that. I only added the app back because I post on the go a lot of times and doing that through the web browser is SUPER ANNOYING!

Have I done this “say no to alerts” thing perfectly? Nope.

Here’s what my screen looks like now:

my iphone screen the daily Starr

Don’t judge the thousands of emails – I rarely clean out junk emails. This is bad. They just keep adding up…

My whole goal in all of this is to try and “be there” wherever I am. It’s way too common to look across the dinner table in a restaurant or at a social gathering and see folks glued to that phone screen. I’m guilty too.

I want to create meaningful conversations, yes – I still capture some things with my camera phone. But, loading to Facebook and sharing life with the world can wait…they will still be there after you actually live the fun moments 🙂

Let’s be there, friends!

Proverb of the Day:
We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. [Proverbs 16:9]


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5 replies to “#trashouttuesday / TURN THEM ALL OFF!

  1. I think I may do a Facebook fast again. It is taking over! I am inspired to turn off the alerts. I have heard you say this before, but seeing it….wow! I. Need. Less. Facebook.

  2. Yes, it can take over if you let it. I haven’t yet let it become too important but I sometimes find myself spending a little too much time scrolling through Facebook to see what everyone is up to!

  3. One way to not let Facebook take over is to clean up your friends list… or at least organize it. Move those that you only kinda know to acquaintances. And remove everyone that is not a close friend or family from your news feed.

    The only alerts I have on my phone are the actual phone calls and texts and words with friends. If I use fb on the phone, I go through the web. Yes it’s not as easy. But then I have to decide if it’s with it. (This also allows me to filter my sarcasm…. ;))

    Of course how I have it isn’t for everyone. But it works for me.

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