#funfriday / 5 Ways to Make Your Family Think You’re Martha Stewart, When You’re Not

Because everyone needs a little more spontaneous crazy fun in life.

I picked Kayla up from school today and with excitement I told her we were going home to cook for #funfriday! Yayyyy!! I could hardly contain myself….

Here’s goes all my secrets: 5 Ways to Make Your Family Think You’re Martha Stewart, When You’re Not.

I speak with honest experience. Just ask my family.

#1 – Buy a pretty cake for less than $20 at Sam’s Club or Costco. AND THEN put it on a pretty plate. Scientific research shows that desserts on pretty plates get eaten 75% faster than desserts that come in plastic containers with stickers…I’m just sayin’! (Also, 75% of all statistics used are made up.)

cake in a box the daily StarrΒ  homemade not really the daily Starr

#2 – Purchase the family size 5 pack mega container of Macaroni and Cheese – prepare as instructed on the box. AND THEN – dump it all into your Crockpot before leaving home. Add a bit of milk so as not to get dry and crusty-crust πŸ™‚

mac and cheese2 the daily starrΒ  mac and cheese the daily Starr

mac and cheese 3 the daily StarrΒ  mac and cheese in a crockpot the daily Starr

#3 – Buy cute matching aprons and take selfies before you get messy. AND THEN post on social media to prove how much like Martha you really are! NOTE: It is super important to move all of the crap off your counters BEFORE taking the photo!

aprons the daily Starr

#4 – If you feel the need to be SUPER impressive, bake brownies – it can’t get much easier. AND THEN your home will smell yummy with little to no effort. NOTE: This also works well if you have your home listed for sale and people coming for a showing (HEY – that was free Real Estate advice from the professionals!).

baking brownies the daily Starr

#5 – When all else fails, just buy signs like this and have a dance party instead of trying to be someone you’re not.

Β i kiss better than I cook the daily Starr

rockstar kayla the daily Starr

Life is simply too short to stress over things that most people don’t even notice anyways. I will always be clumsy in the kitchen, inadequate in cleaning the clutter, and want more hours to enjoy life with my kids.

I’m ok with letting perfection take a back seat while I live an imperfect life full of adventure.

Be who God made you to be.

Proverb of the Day:
Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble. [Proverbs 21:23 NLT]


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