#1wordwednesday / purpose

A fun exercise we do each Wednesday. Pick a word. Any word. Focus on it.

My 1 word for today is: PURPOSE.


It’s truly not about me. I’m learning that more and more each day.

It all starts with God.

In his book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, Rick Warren points out several great reminders about our purpose:

Colossians 1:16 (MSG)
For everything, absolutely everything above and below, visible and invisible,…everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.

Unless you assume a God, the question of life’s purpose is meaningless. – Bertrand Russell, atheist

(The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren)

I’m tired of living for my own personal fulfillment – nothing I do is ever enough.

My purpose will never be completely filled by my family or my career – they will disappoint me over and over.

My purpose and my calling in this life all starts with God – the more I wake up each day and acknowledge that 1 simple truth, the more fulfilled my life here on earth will be.

Everything else will leave me feeling empty, frustrated and dry.

I crave a PURPOSE that gives me and my family a non-normal, extraordinary, faith-filled life.

What’s your 1 word for today?

Proverb of the Day:
Proverbs 19:21 (NLT) You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.


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