#trashouttuesday / packing light

My husband says I have too much stuff. So, he came up with this theme. And I kept it (reluctantly).

We are in the middle of our first family roadtrip adventure (thus the late posts the past several nights – my apologies…today I’m writing early YAY!).

As we travel from town to town and pack up our things to stay in a different place each night, I’m reminded over and over that it would be soooo much EASIER if I would just learn to PACK LIGHTER!

I have always stinkin’ struggled with this and I really want to learn the art of packing light.

My goal for this trip was to limit our luggage to 1 small roller bag each and 1 bookbag. We did just that, but then at the last minute we decided to add on our big HONKIN’ massive suitcase – ya know, just to have some extra room and to pack the things that couldn’t go through security at the airport.

Well, wouldn’t you know that this “extra bag” we loaded up weighed in at 52 pounds at the airport and I had to move stuff out of the bag – and this was on the way to Maine!!

How did that happen??

This extra bag is weighing me down. I’m regretting that we even brought it.

I believe the problem with my over packing is probably that I don’t give myself enough time for the packing and planning process. I just stuff a bag full at the last possible minute because I’m pushed for time. Ahh, procrastination at its best!

If you’re like me and want to have less stress and weight when you travel, here’s a new board I just added to Pinterest to learn some great basics on Learning to Pack Light for Travel:

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pinterest packing light for travel the daily starr

What are some of your tips for packing light? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


Proverb of the Day:
Proverbs 11: 2 – Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

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  1. I pack basics, like black pants and skirt and then a few different shirts. I pack a basic black and white sweater that I can wear with anything. I pack one pair of basic shoes that can go with anything and then one dressy pair. I’ve been known to wear only one pair of earrings that will match everything. I keep travel size toiletries, even if I’m not flying. I start washing and packing my favorite and most comfortable clothes days ahead so they are clean when I decide to pack up. I’ve done a lot of packing over my years, I used to have to pack one suitcase to last all summer when we lived in Puerto Rico and spent our summers in the states. I’ll be glad to help you next time! Love you!


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