#trashouttuesday / a night of giving

My husband says I have too much stuff. So, he came up with this theme. And I kept it (reluctantly).

shoeboxes the daily Starr

Last November we started a new tradition at our church called, “A Night of Giving.”

It was simple: everyone brought their favorite soup to share for dinner and items to pack shoe boxes. The shoe boxes we packed were to benefit the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Project.

The Night of Giving was such a hit that we decided to continue! We even did a Christmas in July night during our VBS this summer to stuff shoe boxes for the homeless in our local community.

shoeboxes 2 the daily Starr

Here’s how our family has learned to prepare all year long for the night of giving:

1) Our children never get any toys that come in kid’s meals – they even hand them over now without a fuss. 🙂 I keep a bucket in our kitchen cabinet to collect them year round.

2) Small toys in great condition mysteriously disappear from the play room during the night…(they go into a box that I keep for shoe box toys and such. Shhhh, don’t tell!).

3) Shoe boxes from new shoes go directly onto the shelf in the garage to keep for packing gifts.

4) When we go on overnight stays in hotels, I gather the soaps and lotions NIGHTLY. They will restock them for you completely everyday! Then, we use our own toiletries that we brought from home. The items I collected are saved in the top of our closet for packing into shoe boxes.

5) Excess Halloween candy (non-chocolate) goes straight to the shoe boxes. No, I don’t keep the chocolate because I like it…haha! It may melt in the shoe boxes in hot temperatures.

Think about how you can start collecting small items in your home for shoe boxes. You don’t have to send them overseas, your local homeless shelter would love to have the extra items. We pack boxes for both kids and adults – just be sure to label them for the shelter so they can easily identify who to give them out to.

Maybe even think about hosting your own Night of Giving in your home or at your church this holiday season. You will be surprised at how much people show up with to give.

Lastly, the temperatures are turning colder and I’m sure your local homeless shelter is in need of blankets. You can pick up these small fleece throws for just a few dollars in most department stores. Kayla’s after school program is collecting blankets for the shelter and we are in the process of going through our house and collecting extra blankets this week.

blankets the daily Starr

Won’t you join us?


Proverb of the Day:
Proverbs 4:7 Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.

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One comment

  1. I’ll get some blankets over for Kayla to take to school! I’ve also been collecting toiletries for the shelter, using my coupons and getting some real deals on sale!


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