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Today is November 1st and lots of people use this entire month to focus on getting back into the habit of giving thanks. I had a teacher in high school that gave an assignment of starting class each day writing in our Gratitude Journal – list 5 things we are grateful for.

When life throws you curve balls and things don’t go as expected – when people disappoint you, it is super tempting to throw yourself a pity party and feel sorry for yourself. Can I get an amen?

When I become thankful and show gratitude, my perspective is immediately lifted.

A friend gave me this beautiful tool that encourages conversations of gratitude around the dinner table:

Untie-Your-Story-Additional 1 Untie-Your-Story-Additional 2

[photo source: Family Life]

It’s called “Untie Your Story” and it’s a roll of 12 burlap napkin ties with questions on them to create beautiful conversations around the table with your friends and family! They are washable, reusable and gorgeous! At only $13, you pay a little over $1 per tie.

>>Visit the Family Life Store to pick up your very own set here <<

OR you could win a set for FREE ~ Just leave a comment below telling me 5 things you are grateful for today. I’ll select one winner on Sunday evening to receive their very own Untie Your Story set.

Go and be grateful, friends!


Proverb of the Day:
Proverbs 1:5 – Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser.

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12 replies to “#shareitsaturday / giving thanks & a giveaway

  1. 1. My God, and the opportunity to worship him in church.
    2.my husband who loves despite of my imperfections!
    3. My very closest friends, ones that I can count on to pray when I need it the most, and can be honest with me even when it hurts.
    4. My children, they provide an extra touch of happy to my life!
    5.my momma, she is my biggest supporter and one of my best friends.

  2. 1. Salvation and knowing that God loves me despite my imperfections.
    2. My beautiful children that God entrusted to me.
    3. God’s provision for our family when I wonder how our needs will be met.
    4. My job.
    5. Every. Little. Thing. Which the death of my husband taught me, never take anything for granted!

  3. 1. My husband.
    2. An amazing job that the Lord led me to by closing lots of doors.
    3. A savior that loves me unconditionally, died for my sins and protects me.
    4. 2 talented and smart children, 2 step-children and 3 grandchildren that call me Mimi.
    5. Lastly, I am thankful that I don’t know what it is like not to have food in the pantry and not have a warm bed to sleep in.

  4. 1.that I have a Father Who can
    2.that I’m a child of the one true king
    3.for a family who loves me regardless
    4.the privilege of prayer
    5.a warm place to lay my head

  5. 1. A forgiving Savior Who never forsakes me
    2. My Christian heritage and parents who taught me to love and serve The Lord
    3. My family who loves me in spite of my faults and put up with me day after day
    4. Friends who I can call on at any time for any reason and have stood by us through thick and thin
    5. A country where I am free to worship

  6. 1. My Savior Jesus Christ for without him I’m nothing.
    2. My Mother and Father for teaching me to follow Christ.
    3. My Children and Grandchildren they are a True Blessing.
    4. Friends and Family to love.
    5. My Pastor, his wife and church family.

  7. 1. A mother who carried her eleven children to church even though she had to do it by herself.
    2. All the many pastors we had over the years who preached the word with out compromise
    3. A God that will never fail me, even if man does.
    4. A wonderful pastor who always preaches the full gospel, and willing to drive forty five min. to do God’s will.
    5. Most of all, for Salvation that will carry me through anything.

  8. I am grateful for..
    1) a Savior that loved me so much that He gave His life for me and continues to show me grace
    2) a supportive and super awesome husband
    3) my daughter who is such a little miracle and has changed my life completely in the best ways possible
    4) a family that, while is not perfect, offers so much love and grace to each other and to everyone they meet
    5) my job at my church with is such a huge blessing

  9. 1. My wonderful husband
    2. My family in general
    3. My amazing pets that are always putting me in a fantastic mood
    4. That I have good health
    5. A great job that allows me to not have to worry about money.

  10. 1. God, who looks at my heart and loves me
    2. My boys, a true blessing from God
    3. My family, they make me laugh and cry
    4. Sunrises, they remind me that the Son will always prevail
    5. New chances everyday!

  11. Thank you for all of the beautiful responses of gratitude! DeeDee Woolard is the winner of the Untie Your Story set! I will send you an email with details. Congrats, DeeDee!

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