Day 30: #thirstythursday / a proverb a day…

Brian’s reaction to my name for this post: “A proverb a day…keeps the devil away!”

HA! Not what I was really going for, but hey, maybe it works! πŸ™‚

Recently I heard someone reference reading a “Proverb a day” everyday. I’ve heard this before, but had forgotten about what a great idea this really is. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days at the most in any given month (that’s for any of us that are mathematically challenged and need a reminder about the number of days in a month haha).

Starting today, I’m going to pick out one verse from Proverbs in the chapter of the day and share it with my kids. I’ll aim at taking 3 minutes to read and talk about it together at some point during our day. My other goal shall be to try and read the entire chapter of the day with my hubby before we end our day together – you know, to keep the devil away!

To make myself accountable (because I have a terrible struggle in sticking with things without accountability), I’m going to add a Proverb of the Day to each of the Daily Starr blog posts going forward.

Today is the 30th, so let’s journey on over to Proverbs Chapter 30. Verse 8 really stood out:

proverb a day the daily starr

That’s good stuff right there! #1 don’t let me lie. #2 don’t let me be greedy. Amen to that!



#thirstythursday is a time on The Daily Starr where we dive into Scripture and see what God has to say. Jesus told the woman at the well that He could offer living water – and that she would never thirst again. Are you thirsty?

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