Day 28: #trashouttuesday / purge with purpose

It’s time for #trashouttuesday – you may have heard that our family has been on an adventure to get rid of the excess and clutter in our home. It’s. A. LOOOOONNNNGGGGG. Process. Friends.

Confession: I’m a hoarder. I have clothes from high school. I have report cards from Kindergarten. I love stuff. I really do.

But, my stuff is getting rather stuffy.

Our family is bogged down because so much continually comes into our home and not NEARLY enough goes back out. We are at the point of an explosion. An explosion of stuff.

I get it. Some of you don’t deal with this. You trash things daily. You take down your Christmas tree on Christmas night. Good for you. I’m not one of you. You have my permission to stop reading now.

A friend sent this photo to me in a text yesterday, and while I find it completely HILARIOUS and fitting…I’m ashamed to admit that this has been me for so long (thus the reason I have to force myself to shop with Brian or my mom to control my uncontrolled shopping habits!!):

buy everywhere the daily Starr

Oh yes. Target, how I LOVE thee.

Back to excess. It’s finally time to part with those things that would be better suited with someone that has a true need. You can only wear so many clothes in one day. Contrary to popular belief: it isn’t really necessary to have a 2 month supply of clothing just because you don’t like to do laundry!!

I read in Jen Hatmaker’s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess – about how she not only wanted to donate items her family didn’t use, but she wanted to put things directly into the hands of those that had a need. Her friends even got together to store all of their extra household items in a bonus room so that they could be ready to move and act the minute they found a need. They mobilized their efforts to be able to provide the basic needs – and FAST.

That really struck a cord with me.

I don’t have a personal connection when I drop boxes off at Goodwill, or even when I sale things at a yard sale. Nothing pulls at my heart’s strings and it is so hard for me to let go and just “send it all to Goodwill.”

BUT – let me find a friend that has lost so much weight because of chemo treatments that she is forced to pin her clothes together to stay on – and I’m ready to ship boxes to Alabama to help out! Purge with purpose.

What about the friend that just recently separated and is starting over from scratch? I don’t hesitate one bit to go through my kitchen cabinets and pull out enough to stock another entire kitchen.

Know anyone with big feet that needs shoes? I’m searching for that currently – really, not joking!

When we put emotion with our excess, something happens. It isn’t just pushed off into the second hand donation pile. It becomes real. It becomes something that someone I know needs right now. And I have a very real part to play.

I’m on a mission to find those in my path that our family can serve in some small way. It may not be life changing, but it is a start.

What would it look like if we started asking people around us if they have a need? What if we start looking around on our jobs, at our churches, on the streets? The needs are there, believe me. It’s up to us to pay attention and act. What if we gave more attention to the needs of others than our desire to acquire more???

I intend to continue purging with a purpose. Want to join me?



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6 replies to “Day 28: #trashouttuesday / purge with purpose

  1. How about when a little girls mommy wants to buy some new shoes and God uses a very special lady giving with a purpose to answer a prayer of obedience. It is beaitiful. Maybe used shoes, but they are new to my little girl. Thank you friend you have no idea how God has used you!

    1. Melissa, you are so welcome! I’ve been blessed and gifted with most of those shoes and I’m so happy that we can pass them along – and that you happen to be right up the street 🙂

  2. Well Starr, I know one young lady who was inspired by you to pass along some gently used ( or never used) items that delighted a certain birthday girl! I have been inspired, I am holding back and not buying thoughtlessly. I’ll let you know a little later on some of my small victories!

  3. Big girl big feet right here!! Was just thinking how I’ve worn down all my shoes the other day because for some reason shoes are not something I go out and shop for….hmmmm….does that make me weird?

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