Day 25: #shareitsaturday / 5 things my mom does

My mom is brilliant. Just brilliant.

5 things my mom does the daily starr

For today’s #shareitsaturday, here’s 5 simple things my mom does that the world should know about:

#1 Read the Bible while drying your hair

This is pure genius. Why waste time just sitting or standing when you could take 3-5 minutes and soak in the Word? Keep a Bible in the bathroom and flip it open for a few moments. Let’s calling it drying with PURPOSE – ha!

#2 Keep extra boxes of dryer sheets in your linen closet

My mom’s blankets ALWAYS smell like they just came out of the dryer. Noooo! She just keeps extra boxes of dryer sheets inside the linen closet. She also keeps a box in her car/trunk – what a fabulously smelly good idea!

#3 Move furniture with blankets

Sometimes when you want to move a piece of furniture and there’s no one around to help or you don’t have enough man power, do this: grab an old blanket, place it under the corners and start pulling! It works, people! Side note: It also helps to call mom when you try to move a piece of furniture upstairs late at night and somehow get stuck halfway up. Mom knows how to help then too! Ps – my mom is not for rent when you get stuck moving your furniture 🙂

#4 Stay strong when things get tough / put up with junk even when you don’t want to / be the same person all the time

I couldn’t decide how to say this about my mom. I should just say: She’s rock solid! When things get tough, she sticks it out and doesn’t give up. When she has junk thrown at her – like, at work – she presses on. No matter when you meet my mom, SHE IS THE SAME PERSON. I’m not just saying this. It’s all truth. For those that know my mom, you know that she’s one of a kind. And she loves Jesus. I’m pretty sure that’s where she draws her strength from – her relationship with God.

#5 Encourage instead of criticize

My mom does this best. There have been so many times when I tend to be more critical and it gets me absolutely no where. Encouraging those around you actually has a boomerang effect. When you lift up others, a crazy thing happens – you’re lifted up too! Having a bad day? Try calling a friend to encourage and speak positive words into their life. You’ll hang up feeling 10x better than you felt before. Or, call your mom and tell her you love her!


What have you learned from your mom? SHARE it with us. I’d love to hear in the comments.

Thanks, mom – for all that you do, all that you are and for the example you have set before me. I love you!



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6 replies to “Day 25: #shareitsaturday / 5 things my mom does

  1. Starr, you are so sweet! Here are the things I learned from my mom:
    How to keep a clean house – my mom never had clutter. She must have thrown things out while we were at school and never told us. In my high school years, when she worked outside the home, she held us responsible for cleaning the house when she had to work on Saturdays. We had our chores and there were no excuses.
    How to cook- she was a simple but great cook. She had me helping to cook dinner when I was in high school. It seems we had some form of potatoes almost every night so I’m a pretty good potato peeler. I never have found anyone who could cook peach cobbler like she could and I don’t have her recipe.
    How to serve The Lord – She and Dad took us to church every time the doors were open and they showed us how to serve The Lord with gladness. We were always a part of the music, the services, the chicken and dumpling sales, the revivals, the rest home services…all of it! I remember that my mom was still attending church services just two months before she died of cancer. She was faithful to the end and loved by everyone in her little small town church
    A love for reading – mom was a reader and my parents always made sure we had access to good books. For a very long time, all of us girls were part of a book club. I remember that we had the full set of the Happy Hollister mystery Books… All coming by mail, one at a time. I read all of the Nancy Drew books from the school library. One summer Mom and Dad let us volunteer at the school library to help the librarian with her summer work. We thought we were so special to get to eat our bagged lunch in the teachers lounge that summer! Years later I volunteered at Joy’s school library and it brought back such fun memories.
    A love for sewing – I learned to sew at my Home Ec class in seventh grade. My mom always made our clothes and she taught me to become a good seamstress. She made my wedding dress and made the bridesmaids dresses. I remember her loaning me her sewing machine when I was a very young bride.
    How to love life and time with the family – Mom was always ready to go with us to the beach, sitting on the porch and watching us build sand castles with our own children. She made many trips over the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee to haul Starr and Casey back and forth to each other’s house. She made many trips with her girlfriends to places like Opryland. She would sit up late with us playing card games like “I doubt it”, we would laugh all night at how she lied with such a poker face!
    How to appreciate a simple but good life. She made the best of life in spite of some very difficult situations – trusting in The Lord through it all! I want to be like her in so many ways and I miss her so very much.

    Thanks for letting me linger here for a while.

    1. Mom- I love these memories you shared. There’s so much I don’t know about Granny and I depend on you to share those things with me so that I can tell my girls about this wonderful woman that they never got to meet. Love you!

  2. Your mom is one of a kindand a very special lady. Mrs Frieda I love you and your sweet spirit. And thank you for all you do. Moms sure are great! Starr this was so wonderfully written, thanks for sharing some things about your mom. 🙂

  3. Love this, Starr! And you are so right – your mom is great.

    I hate to say that I truly haven’t learned anything from my mother – but there are no life lessons that come to mind. I have learned many things from the spiritual mom’s that He has placed in my life over the years –

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