Day 24: #funfriday / let’s build a snowman

Each Friday we try to do something fun with the girls that is outside of our ordinary adventures.

Last week, we were preparing for Kayla’s birthday and we decided to make snowmen bags for the party!

I found this fun idea on Pinterest. There are so many fun, easy, quick party ideas to find on this site. I highly recommend, but beware, you can get lost for HOURS!!

Here’s the board I pinned with Frozen Party Ideas – Pinterest.

A few photos from our family having fun packing our Frozen Snowman Parts Baggies – and yes, Kylie just wanted to eat more than actually pack the baggies!!! Hahaha

build a snowman Β  daddy packing snoman kylie packing kylie pretzels kylie smileyΒ  mini marshmallows raisins snowman packs

build a snowman2

Also, did I mention Kylie likes to eat??? Y’all – it’s like we don’t feed this child!! But, I promise that we do!!

Here’s a photo that a friend captured of her tonight…eating…bread πŸ™‚

kylie the daily Starr

From our family to yours, happy Friday friends!



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