Day 22: #1wordwednesday / celebrate

Today we celebrate.

In all of the bad news, the things going wrong, the frustrations that surround us…

We celebrate.

We celebrate life.

Specifically the life of Kayla.

mommy and kayla the daily Starr

family park photo kayla noses kayla park

7 years ago today, she made us mom and dad. And in the midst of tons of questions, no experience and very little sleep, we celebrated that there was a new life.

Here’s how we celebrate (specifically celebrating the fact that mommy cleaned out her closet – don’t mind the mess that was the clean out party!!):




What’s your #1wordwednesday? Share it with us below. Encourage others. Help us know how to lift you up today.

I would love to hear from YOU!


4 replies to “Day 22: #1wordwednesday / celebrate

  1. My word is blessing. Seven years ago today God blessed us with our first grandchild. It is an honor and a delight to be called Grammy by two beautiful girls!

  2. Happy birthday kayla! Friendship….is my word for today. I am truly blessed by our friendship. I thank God for the encouragement you give me, what I am abke to pass to you and what we can together bring to other women and mommy’s. We are never alone as God blesses us with friendships to help us in our journey. Love you all!

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