Day 21: #trashouttuesday / 1 thing in a bin

Our family tried something new a year or so ago. We got 3 blue bins from the garage and labeled each one with a name. One for me, my hubby, and one for our girls.

The objective: each person is to put at least 1 item per day in the bin to donate to someone else in need.

You would be surprised at how easy it becomes to not just put in 1 item a day, but several items that you start collecting from your closet, the playroom, etc.

I strategically placed our bins at the top of the stairs in our home. That way, they are the first thing you see with your name staring you down 10x a day – ha! Want some motivation? Put these bins somewhere that you can’t ignore and tell your kids what you’re doing. My goodness. They would NOT let us miss a single day. They chased us down every night to get something for the bin.

I fought the temptation to go and find items on behalf of my girls. It became very personal when I let them decide which items they wanted to donate to someone else in need. I did however add a few items when they weren’t looking 🙂

We’re bringing the bins back this week for #trashouttuesday. Time to get rid of more clutter. Not sure how long we’ll keep them out this time, but it feels good to get started again.

Want to join us?

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