Day 20: #makeovermonday / verses on the walls

Now, for #makeovermonday – this week I’m sharing how we’ve started making over our home by putting verses on the walls that we are memorizing as a family.

A great friend recommended the Child Training Bible to start learning verses – and we LOVE it! Once we learn a new verse, we each create a card to place in our house. The girls each post one on the wall beside their beds, we put one on the bathroom mirror and then one on the kitchen wall.

This has absolutely helped us to keep scripture in front of us and to use it when we are struggling with different topics. You don’t have to be a child to do this, though. Find verses that speak to you, in a version that is easy to understand and memorize, write them on cards and put them in places in your home that you see all the time.

I have been most surprised by how much our girls LOVE doing Bible time at night. Really? LOVE it? YES! And the fact that our almost 3 year old knows the verses better than me, is astounding.

Here’s a quick video clip of the girls saying their verses – they were so excited to be featured in our very first VLOG (video blog).

Hope ya’ll enjoy 🙂


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