Day 18: #shareitsaturday / devotional apps

For #shareitsaturday I thought it would be great to share two of my favorite devotional apps that I use on my phone: Jesus Calling and My Utmost For His Highest.



Both of these apps are paid apps in whatever App Store you use, but it is a 1 time purchase and well worth it – like buying the book versions.

What do I like most about having the apps on my phone?

– Bookmarking: both apps give you the ability to highlight and bookmark days that you love. I can open my bookmarks inside the app at any time and see my favorite devotionals in a moment’s notice.

– Social Sharing: most people use social media on the go, on their phones. Having these devotionals on my phone makes it super easy to copy and paste into Facebook directly or to take a screen shot to load onto Instagram. Encouragement to go and super quick!

– Waiting…and waiting… Like right now. I’m waiting for my husband in Lowe’s while my girls are sleeping in the backseat. It’s taking F. O. R. E. V. E. R. and I don’t have a book in the car. I love using these moments to browse the devotionals on my phone. It is much more useful that constantly browsing Facebook blah blah blah

– Jesus Calling – verses included. I love that the app version of Jesus Calling includes the verses that are referenced in the devotional at the bottom of the reading. Not all book versions give you the full verse – they just give a reference and you have to go find it. Love that it is right there.

Here’s a few screen shots from both apps to see what they are like.





What devotional or encouraging apps do you use on your phone? I would love to know – share with us in the comments below.


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