Day 14: #trashoutTuesday / ditch the cable

On this edition of #trashoutTuesday: how we gave up cable/satellite TV and the crazy insane monthly cost!

We were tired of paying each month for television that we rarely watched. You too?

Here’s how this funky white piece pinned to our wall has saved us almost $100 a month!

mohu leaf the daily Starr

Think you’ll miss hundreds of channels on your TV? Try it. We didn’t miss it at all. Actually, we stopped watching as much TV almost a year before we ditched the satellite/phone/internet bundle that we were getting such a “great deal” on.

One day we realized that we were paying for this bundle and #1: we never had a land line phone plugged in and #2: we only watched PBS Kids or the major networks (we didn’t have all of the extra channels in our package anyways).

More and more, we found ourselves just listening to Pandora Radio or using Netflix.

After we dropped the big bad bundle, I decided to pull out the old trusty bunny ears antennae. Brian and I were broke as a joke when we got married and didn’t have cable for the first two years! So, bunny years have been our friends from way back when.

We got maybe 3 channels with our bunny ears…

I started researching other antennas to see what was the latest rage in the technology world.

After only a bit of research, I stumbled upon the Mohu Leaf.

Sam’s Club had a pretty good deal for less than $50 on the Mohu Leaf Ultimate. Why not try it? $50 was less than 1 month of our previous bill for satellite.

We love it!

Our Mohu gives us 35+ HD digital channels and has everything we need and more.

We find ourselves watching less and less TV and that has been a good thing.

Here’s what it’s like in our living room with our Mohu (which comes with a black and white side, or you can even paint it to match your walls).

living room the daily Starr mohu leaf

mohu in our living room the daily Starr



  1. Is an antenna even considered technology?!? Can antenna and technology even he used in the same sentence? Just kidding. We certainly don’t spend the needless hours getting sucked into the latest reality show or sitcom. And spend more time together. Certainly not cleaning out closets though. You will have to read the previous post about that! 🙂 Love you Starr.


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