Day 13: Use What You Have

#makeoverMonday time, friends!

I recently inherited an entire collection of fun milk glass vases from my grandmother. They’ve been sitting in an antique desk for months as we’ve been clearing the clutter and making room for all of Glennie the Great’s treasures.

Last week, we had all of our friends from the Brazil Missions team over for a reunion. In true Starr fashion, I didn’t leave much time for extra frills around the house.

As a matter of fact, here’s what I had to do with all of the extra dishes I didn’t have time to wash:


So, as you can imagine – the last minute touches had to be super simple.

I read recently on The Nester’s Blog about how she loves to use what she has and “shop the house.” She even uses fresh branches and flowers directly from her yard to fill vases and such.

Why not? With only a few moments to spare, I headed to the front porch and the back yard:






Y’all. Go try this. Cut some stuff out of your yard and place it around your house. Free. Cheap. Simple. Easy. Fun. Entertaining!!

Yay for using what we have, amen? Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me! #weareusingenvelopes #onabudget



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