Day 10: Ladies’ Night

Today’s #funfriday is all about hosting your own Ladies’ Night!

We actually did this on a Sunday night at our church and it was a huge success! The ladies had such a great time that we already booked another date to do it again in November – let me know if you want to come. 🙂

Here’s how it works:

  • Invite your girlfriends to a night at your house or at your church
  • Ask everyone to bring something to share/teach other ladies how to do
  • It can be easy: a recipe, something you do in your home to make life easier, a book, etc.
  • Set up simple snacks: we had popcorn, pretzels, fruit and veggies.
  • Learn from each other, laugh with each other and take away some new ideas!
  • Come even if you don’t have anything to share – you will still have a great time.

We had such fabulous ideas at our Ladies’ Night: learning how to make your own laundry detergent (for $27 a YEAR) and your own fabric softener (for $6.50 per YEAR), making decorative bows the easy way, couponing, gigantic poster prints for cheap, books, recipes, corn on the cob in your microwave, and more!

This is such a fun and easy thing to do with your girlfriends – especially before the holidays.

Some photos from our night together:

fun friday ladies night 7

Susan and Melissa learning how to make bows!

fun friday ladies night 8

Pat and Tricia figuring out the bows too.

fun friday ladies night 9

Linda, the bow master, teaching Phyllis how to make it work.

fun friday ladies night 10

Dianne with her beautiful creation!

fun friday ladies night 11

Our “little lady” enjoying the evening with her mom.

fun friday ladies night 12

Sajel smiling as always 🙂

fun friday ladies night 13

Mom and Karen figuring out the bows.

fun friday ladies night

Susan giving the laundry demonstration – she ROCKED it!

Here’s everything she uses to make her 1 Year supply of washing detergent:

fun friday ladies night 6

fun friday ladies night2

fun friday ladies night3

fun friday ladies night4

fun friday ladies night5

Ready to host your own Ladies’ Night? Do it!



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