Day 6: Makeover Monday

I’ve been waiting for exactly the right time to start blogging about some fun “trash to treasures” projects in our home. What better time than #makeovermonday ??

This week I’m introducing our new little desk area by the front door.


I convinced, no, make that BEGGED my hubby to load up this banged up cherry desk from a trashed foreclosed home. It had some dents and dings and a bit of water damage on the bottom. I could see the potential. I may have even said something about painting it and…umm…selling it.

(Note: I completely forgot to take a before photo of the desk, but here’s the closest similar desk I could find online..haha!)
ugly brown desk

I did however, take a photo of what it looks like when I get into a painting mood. This is our front porch in the midst of my last painting splurge – wouldn’t you like to be our neighbor??


Now would be a great time to admit that I have a terrible habit. While having the greatest intentions of truly selling these treasures, they turn out looking so stinkin’ cute and I find just the PERFECT place for them in our house…

Can you see the problem?!?

Let’s break down all of the deals in our new desk area:

Desk: free from a foreclosed house

desk the daily Starr

Chair: Ethan Allen – also free from a foreclosed house. I just wiped it down.

Orange Pillow: from Glennie the Great


Orange Lamp Base: free off the side of the road. It was left for trash. The light bulb even still worked!!! I just wiped it off. Ha!
White Fabric Lamp Shade: IKEA Clearance section for $3 (it is being held onto the lamp with bread ties!! No joke!)

IKEA lamp shade

Gold Mirror: Salvation Army of Matthews $4

Green Curtains: Scrap fabric super cheap for a gigantic roll from the Salvage Shop of Monroe. My grandma ran the edges through her serger machine. I got curtain rings from Walmart and cheap rods from Big Lots.

Brown Tray: part of a staged house full of furniture we got a few years ago.

New Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

curtains the daily Starr

Turquoise knobs on desk drawers: Target (4 pack for $12)

knobs the daily Starr

Scripture Print: the one item in this photo that I splurged on. It is from Emily Burger Designs. (

emily burger designs

My favorite part of this area is the scripture that sits as a reminder when we walk out of the door each day:

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Phil 4:8


What items have you found that were trash to treasures in your home? I’d love to hear about some of your deals!



  1. Note from the editor: This was not a cherry desk. I would like to make a correction now that it was a “CRAP” desk. Not a cherry desk. End of correction.


  2. Brian, it is a beautiful desk. And she didn’t pay money for it. Could be worse. Jist think how much that beautiful space could have cost! The space looks beautiful. I am going to keep my eye open for clearance items and may start picking things up to make over too!


  3. I love the china cabinet that I got from my mother-in-law! The fresh coat of white paint does wonders to brighten the drab cabinet. Now if I can just get rid of her stuff that I don’t plan to keep! Oh, that’s Tuesday’s topic, right?


    • So glad you kept that cabinet. Joy will love having that one day. Yes / we are working on the stuff!! Set small goals. Make time to achieve them. Tell someone else and be accountable. For example, put a photo of your closet on Facebook so that the world can hold you accountable. Hahahah. Love you!


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