Day 5: Slow it Down Sunday

I’ve been learning to linger lately.

Especially on Sundays. Sit a little longer. Slow down the rush. Resist the pull to do more. Resist the urge to tackle the mounds of laundry and the dishwasher that is stuffed full beyond capacity – haha!


The google definition shows as:


stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave.
synonyms: wait around, stay, remain, wait, stay put

A reluctance to leave…

Don’t you think that’s what God feels towards us when we are simply lingering in His presence and giving Him the sacrifice of our time?

linger verses

Some days I feel just like my 2 year old. She can scream and fight and pitch a fit when it is nap time. She tries her best to explain why she isn’t sleeping and how she doesn’t need to rest.

And I, the mom, know that she is MOST DEFINITELY tired and needs to rest.

But, I can never convince her of that reality. She just doesn’t understand. And within 2.5 seconds of her head hitting the pillow, she is out.

How many times do I do that with God? I strive and busy myself with so many things that don’t matter. And I try to convince everyone around me that I’m fine. And that I can do it all.

Be still.

If only we could put life on hold to do the thing we were created to do DAILY: praise and honor Him with all that we are.

My perspective and outlook completely changes when I get intentional with my time. If I stop long enough to acknowledge Him and talk to Him like I would my best friend, my day is different.

And I want more days to be like that. Different.

Today, I stop to linger.


How do you slow down?


One comment

  1. Well, I didn’t slow down a lot today but I did enjoy lingering tonight with the ladies in our church. We had a great time sharing how we all have little ways to make life easier! Such a great group of friends!


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