Day 4: Share it Saturday

I love finding new inspiration from friends!

Saturdays will be simple – for sharing things that have inspired our family.

Today, let’s chat about books and music.


Draw the Circle – The 40 Day Prayer Challenge


This book is a life changer. If you’re looking for a simple read that gives ideas for growing deeper in your prayer journey, read this book. It is a follow up to the book The Circle Maker. You don’t have to read The Circle Maker first, but it will be a great companion if you like what you read.

I especially love how Mark Batterson takes common sense ideas and shares practical ways to implement them into your life. He constantly takes you back to the Word of God and gives examples to back his ideas about prayer. He also shares real life examples of what happened when he, his friends and his church became bold enough to start praying crazy prayers.

You can find both Draw the Circle and The Circle Maker on Amazon for less than $10 each (much cheaper than buying in the bookstores, btw):

Draw the Circle
The Circle Maker

Let me know if you decide to read this book, I would LOVE to share more with you how it has changed our lives.


From the Day by I Am They

There’s a new song that’s been playing on our local Christian radio station titled From the Day by the group I Am They. If you like banjos and songs that make you wanna jump up and down, this is for you!

Listen and smile 🙂


See you tomorrow, friends!


2 replies to “Day 4: Share it Saturday

  1. I love this song, it’s my new favorite on the radio! I’m finally reading and really enjoying the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker. Thanks for recommending the book!

    1. Mom – 7 is what started me on this journey of wanting to be uncomfortable. Certainly an eye opening read that will make you question so much about our typical way of living life. Glad you are reading it! You will get more out of Interrupted knowing this story.

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