Day 2: Thirsty Thursday

Yes, I love Mt. Dew.

I spend extra time, effort, and money to purchase organic, non-gmo foods for my family…

And I drink Mt. Dew.
It makes no sense. I’m trying to do better.

Since it’s #thirstythursday, I wanted to go ahead and get the Mt. Dew thing out of the way.

Let’s talk about real thirst.

There was a woman that showed up at a well in town. She was likely a lot like me. Maybe she had children at home. She could have easily been on her way to draw some bath water for them (and I have the nerve to complain about my non-fancy bathroom!!).

Her husband was probably back at home figuring out their budget. And he may have even had a conversation with her before she left to get the bath water, “Don’t stop at the road side stand and get anything extra. We need to pay our bills down. We don’t need to spend money on things we don’t need.” He had obviously been to one too many Egyptian Dave Ramsey – of the Ramsey’s – classes about money.

And I can imagine that she likely mumbled under her breath all the way to the well, “I sure wish he would come walk out here in this ragin’ heat for once to get the water. Maybe he would appreciate me a bit more and not make comments about me stopping at Target, I mean, the roadside stand to get extra stuff! I just need a break!”

She showed up at the well in a furry of emotions. She was tired. Her almost 3 year old screamed everyday. She couldn’t get her to potty train for anything. Her 7 year old constantly fought with the 3 year old. And sometimes she just wanted to crawl up under her sheets and hide.

Where was her girlfriend that was usually at the well? They could vent to each other. That would help – temporarily anyways.

And she was so thirsty. Thirsty in more ways than one.

She wanted so badly to be filled. The crevices of her heart were aching for something more. Her past was a wreck and everything just seemed to be getting worse and worse. Something more is what she needed. Something more.

But she didn’t know what.

Time to get the water and head back home.

And in that unexpected instant, she encountered a man that would change her heart forever.

He offered her that something she needed so desperately:

“Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst” (John 4:14)

Not only did she find the living water, but she found the hope of Jesus.

And we find out that the man at home working on a budget wasn’t even her hubby! In fact, she had 5 ex husbands. This one living with her wasn’t even #6 yet! Whoa. Jesus knew her past, and He still cared. He still offered the living water to her.

Lord, I need that living water only You can give. And I have so many mistakes to put behind me. You still care. You give me that something more – something more that I haven’t been able to find or fill in the things this life has to offer.

I can stop searching. I will never thirst again.



  1. I’m sorry, you get the love of Mountain Dew from me. I had one every day before you were born and probably every day while I was carrying you. These days it’s Diet Dew for me and I’m trying to wean off them. I’ve had only one during the last three weeks – I had no tea at work and it was a really tough day! Thank you for reminding me of the forgiving grace of Our Saviour. Love you! Mom


    • Ahhh mom! Thanks for the Mountain Dew love 🙂 you also inspired a love for God in me and I am forever thankful. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with you today. Love you!


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