Day 1: Welcome to The Daily STARR

Hi, I’m Starr.

About a year or so ago, I really needed some accountability with getting up earlier each day. That accountability turned into me texting a group of friends every morning. Daily encouragement on the go. The morning text group crew has grown and we just finished a 40 Day Prayer Challenge called Draw the Circle.

After finishing our 40th day yesterday, most of us were asking: Now what?

We wanted the encouragement and engagement of our little group to continue.

And I wanted to keep the daily text going…

I introduce to you The Daily STARR.


Here’s what you can expect from the daily, crazy, short and sweet updates:

Small makeovers in your home and life to make things a bit more exciting and enthusiastically creative

My husband says I have too much stuff. So, he came up with this theme. And I kept it (reluctantly).

This is a fun exercise we have been doing for several months. Pick a word. Any word. Focus on it.

The day I get to drink Mt. Dew. Just Kidding. Remember the woman at the well? We’ll focus on the Word each Thursday. Jesus offered living water – that she would never thirst again. I want that water!

Because everyone needs a little more spontaneous crazy fun in life.

Books, music, people, things…that inspire me – sent to you!

God told us to rest. And that we will. Linger, I like to call it.



I’ll add the link for our first 31 days below:

Day 1: (It was the welcome above)

Day 2: Thirsty Thursday

Day 3: Fun Friday

Day 4: Share it Saturday

Day 5: Slow it Down Sunday

Day 6: Makeover Monday

Day 7: Trash Out Tuesday

Day 8: 1 Word Wednesday

Day 9: Excess, the demons in my closet

Day 10: Ladies’ Night

Day 11: Interrupted

Day 12: A Sunday well spent…

Day 13: Use What You Have

Day 14: #trashoutTuesday / ditch the cable

Day 15: 1 Word – Deeper

Day 16: #thirstythursday / insanity

Day 17: #funfriday / feed the birds (& Kylie)

Day 18: #shareitsaturday / devotional apps

Day 19: #slowitdownSunday / “that mom”

Day 20: #makeovermonday / verses on the walls

Day 21: #trashouttuesday / 1 thing in a bin

Day 22: #1wordwednesday / celebrate

Day 23: #thirstythursday / a change in seasons

Day 24: #funfriday / let’s build a snowman

Day 25: #shareitsaturday / 5 things my mom does

Day 26: #slowitdownSunday / be renewed

Day 27: #makeovermonday / a FREE old tv cabinet

Day 28: #trashouttuesday / purge with purpose

Day 29: #1wordwednesday / ALL

Day 30: #thirstythursday / a proverb a day…

Day 31: #funfriday / CHRISTMAS MUSIC!


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NOTE: NO group text messages – those get on people’s nerves when you don’t know all of the people…right???

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Why 31 days to kick off? I’m starting this mini-blog spin off as part of a HUGE writer’s challenge called 31 Days.

Click the photo and hop on over and take a look at what 1200+ bloggers are doing during the month of Oct.

Last October was the first time I started writing everyday and my theme was about Chair Time: 31 Days of God, Me & An Alarm Clock:


Yes, it is technically Oct 3 at 1:47am. I just wrote about prayer for the past 40 days and I’m a bit behind!!

Come join us for some hilarious, encouraging, uplifting, & inspiring fun!


I love comments! Let me hear from you:

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